Recipe for Roisin

Recipe for Roisin

My family all love to cook – perhaps its the eating part we love, but you can’t have one without the other, and the preparing of food can become so creative that I do believe I love it as much as the eating! My mum is the same; a little of this, a little of that, and if you ask us during the meal how it was done then you’ll get an answer, but by the following day it’s gone clean out of our minds. Mine anyway – Mum is probably better than me as my memory is so poor… So, recipes are really a good thing, but I have trouble reading them, let alone following them… really don’t know why.  My sister Roisin swears by recipes, and is therefore an amazing cook, making 5-course Indian one night and Mediterranean the next. She cannot understand how I don’t use them, and nor does dad. They are very much alike, as Mum and I are, so we understand that there are genetic differences and leave it at that.

However, Christmas was coming up and she was mad into the website They Draw and Cook, a site that showcases illustrated recipes (very cool stuff), and was in a flurry of activity, drawing these delightfully illustrated recipes and submitting them, and she encouraged me to do the same, so I drew the above as a gift for her and sent it from Kingston, Jamaica around the world to Galway, Ireland via her favorite website at the time. Her name is Roisin Cure. WHen I figure out how to add her information to this blog I will do so… but until then key her name in to Google and enjoy!


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