walking with james

IMG_5486One if my favorite paintings. Maybe THE favorite….

Painted a few years ago – 2? – and begun as something else altogether different that was so very awful I had to take a palette knife to it to scrape off the dreadful work I was doing. And then these really lovely marks and stains and scratches emerged, and they led the way to what became a landscape. Interestingly enough, this turning point happened while I was on the phone to James, pond distance, and we were talking about art and how to really create and be authentic, and how to keep the flame burning though we’re often so mundane in out attempts… So this is really a painting that was created in communion with him. And when it was completed I realized it was of a walk in Ireland, in some wetland place that I can’t name but have been in over and over, as that was always my favorite thing to do in Ireland, and I did it a lot with James many years ago…


One thought on “walking with james

  1. Knowing no one in this story, I was still moved …


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