Inspirational Jade Vine

Watercolor Jade 1

There’s a most magnificent vine that grows in the tropics. Commonly called the Jade Vine because of the color it usually is, it also grows in red. I think the jade version has a fuller flower than the red one, but either way its one extraordinary landing pad for insects. It looks like a mobile of the most exquisitely carved dinosaur teeth, or dragon claws, or finely tooled pendants worn only by the ruling monarchs of a  magical kingdom in another land…


My mother-in-law had one growing outside her bedroom, and that was my first encounter with said vine. Since moving to Kingston I occasionally visit the breath-taking Strawberry Hill Hotel on the way to the Blue Mountains, and have brunch beneath theirs, wound as it is over a strong metal frame so it can hang its flowers just over the tables beneath. The above photo is my daughter AmberDia making a necklace with the claws with the view of Kingston behind her.


I decided I would try to paint it. Turned out to be a very difficult undertaking, and it will take more focus to get it right. Good thing its so inspirational or I’d give up…

at work

jade watercolor

The first sketches developed into larger watercolors….

Watercolor Jade 2

I also have tried to render it in oils, one of which has been abandoned;





and the other that took many weeks but ended up with only a few small sections that I like;



Yet another task: paint a good jade vine that speaks of its delicacy and design with sensitivity…..


One thought on “Inspirational Jade Vine

  1. Fiona, you are so incredibly talented. Your work makes words inadequate.


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