Painting the Pouie Tree

24'' x 36''

24” x 36” Oil on canvas

This year, 2013, I worked on a series of Pouie tree paintings, beginning in the Spring when they were in full bloom, and continuing over the summer, working from sketches and photographs, and of course the feeling from the memories.

Each tree doesn’t last longer than about 3 days, and they always signal rain, so the pale delicate yellow of their blossoms are usually seen against dark thundery clouds. The drama of shafting light through the bruising and ominous clouds illuminates the petals and the thin dark branches against a backdrop of gorgeous greys. Sitting  in a carpet of pale fallen flowers beneath these trees and gazing up is a favorite activity; the petals fall gently all the time, so one has yellow beneath, above and all around, and one is compelled to lie back and look up, resulting in total immersion. Knowing that the afternoon’s storm is likely to beat all the blossoms off and leave the branches quite bare heightens the treat that it is. Luckily plenty of Pouie trees grow all over the city, and when one has been stripped of its golden cloak, another tree nearby will tremble and be resplendent the following day, and so it continues until Pouie tree time has passed, and so passes another Spring.

This piece is going into the HiQo exhibition on November 27th. Another two of this series  have sold already – I will post photographs of them soon.


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