More Pouie Tree Paintings


Oli on canvas, 36” x 40″  (still being worked on)

This painting began a few months ago and I was happy enough with the initial strokes and composition to leave it, wondering if it was one of those rare paintings that practically had painted itself and so was done. I got on with other work and hadn’t really looked at in months. Then earlier this week something made me take it down off the wall (tucked away in a corner it was) and paint again, this time with more abandon than before… the freeness is EXACTLY what I want to achieve; to paint without being precious, and to allow the paint to lead the way. It is quite wet at the moment so I’ve left it for a few days, but I think its not needing much more before its done. I’m beginning to see more clearly, to paint with more lightness and enjoyment. Its feels good. Hope I can finish it without getting finicky….



One thought on “More Pouie Tree Paintings

  1. Great painting…I’m completely jealous though…my husband and I LOVE Jamaica. I watercolor, but when we vacation we pack just carry-ons so I haven’t brought my watercolors with me. What part of Jamaica do you live in? We go to Runaway Bay. We are going back in April…maybe I will take my paints this time. I would say have a happy day, but how could you not have a happy day in Paradise??? Kathy


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