Been so long since I posted anything that I can hardly remember what to do…

8' x 3'

8′ x 3′ acrylic on canvas

Its also been a while since I’ve painted outside of my Young at Art program. I have been teaching since January, and all my creative energy has gone into the 40 students that come to the house every week. Although I paint for the classes, its different when one is painting alone, with no audience or lesson in mind. This is the first one of my own in a while, and only a ‘finishing’, as it was actually begun a few years ago, so a good way to reenter the solitary world of painting…

“Goddess” was begun at what’s called a ‘Goddess Retreat’, a weekend with two sisters, Caroline and Nikki Delisser in Montego Bay.  I cannot explain what happens there, other than there’s lots of magic and hocus-pocus, paint and wild women, laughter, tears, healing and incredulity.  We paint without instruction, and we discover aspects of the Self that we may not have otherwise. Its fun, and this is where this painting was born…I have attended a few over the years, and have always been surprised by what has emerged, and this one showed me that I have all that I need within, and that its by allowing our own energy to flow without restrictions that we enjoy life fully.

At 8′ tall, and having been painted on the floor, I didn’t realise that  the body’s proportions were not quite right until I hung the canvas upright. She needed more work, so today we reacquainted ourselves and maybe she’s now ready – I will live with her for a few days and see if anything else needs attention.

"GODDESS' close up


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