Easter Rising

Bouganvillea Sketch #1

All alone – absolute bliss….noone here but me. Nowhere to go and nothing to do, so I set up the veranda with watercolor materials. The idea is to do some sketches before going onto an oil or two of bougainvillea. Here they are.

Bouganvillea Sketch #2
Its April now, and too hot and unsafe to paint on the roadsides of Kingston, so the plan for the Easter break is to continue to develop my work with flowers from my garden, and hopefully create some interesting paint marks/strokes. Watercolor dries quickly, so some exploratory sketches shouldn’t take too long and may lead to some inspiration for a strong composition and an interesting palette for a large oil.

By the way, anyone looking for a good read, may I recommend Adrian McKinty’s “Dead I Well May Be”. A friend lent me 4 books of his, and this the first novel he wrote, I believe. He’s a raunchy bard, this Irishman, and the book packs punch from start to finish, a violent saga told with a velvet tongue. His language is intoxicating, addictive, a pared down voice of wit. I think I’d read one thriller prior to this, as I have no interest in Who-dunnits, but this is written so beautifully that it hooked me, even after the drama of the first near-killing had me up all night, so upset I was by the Belfast brutality of it.

I tried the sequel but had to put it down as the protagonist had morphed from the consummate bad-boy anti-hero to a cardboard cut-out of his former self, and not to be disappointed I left him… I like bad boys with soul, but not narcissists…


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