Easter Mantra: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again….

I must have done a dozen watercolors with Bouganvillea flowers as my subject since my last post, and still I haven’t reached the effect I want.


The sketches are to help forge a direction for development in oils, but I would like them to be successful as watercolors in themselves, and that is becoming increasingly challenging.


Trawling the internet for good examples of flowers in watercolor, paintings that understand the technique of the medium, and are fluid and spontaneous, exciting and look effortless, has been fruitless. Is it really that difficult that no one is doing it? It can’t be so…


I think I need to minimize my palette. I also need to use a timer so I don’t keep working and working in a medium that is best when executed quickly. And maybe give it a break, leave the breezy veranda and go off to the studio to try these flowers in oils…

It’s not the flowers I want to portray but rather a feeling of femininity….




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