On to Oils

Begun as a diptych and then continued as two separate pieces, the bougainvillea are a source of much inspiration.

initial sketches in oil

initial sketches in oil

They are so light, so profuse, so varied in color and form, and artistically more interesting close up than from a distance, though what a statement they make, blazing hot pinks, a range of reds, vibrant oranges and illuminated whites in masses and mounds over walls, trees, gateposts and sidewalks – wherever you go here in Kingston, bougainvilleas are always close at hand.

Take 1

Take 1

Still unfinished, this one is dry now and ready for some further working….but not too much. Not sure what to do and what will happen as yet…

Take 2

Take 2

This one is an attempt to keep a minimal palette – and I fear it has lost some of the initial punch it had, which happens a lot, but on the other hand some interesting areas are emerging. Will post the final piece in time.



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