Plein Air Painting #1

Yesterday evening I packed my dad’s car with all my newly assembled oil painting materials and drove off into the sunset, literally, although sunset here in Ireland takes many hours, and a thousand changes happen before your eyes, each one a beautiful painting in itself.

Bray North Harbour Wall

Bray North Harbour Wall

The problem with plein air painting is that you start with one painting based on the scene in front of you, and have to finish that one, not the ONES that keep happening as you watch! That said, it’s an absolute joy to be out in the fresh air, with all of life happening around you; seagulls flocking overheard, waves lapping, breezes gentle and caressing, smells of sea and seaweed, the air cool and fresh. Sensory heaven. This has to be the most beautiful country in the world…..

My equipment is simple and portable, and I have taped canvas cut to size (16″ x 24″) onto a plywood board, of which I have four, so that I can do many quick sketches a day.

This is my very first plein air painting, ever, and today I am 50! So what a way to enter the next half century, and this afternoon I head off with my mother to a week of more outdoor painting in the county of Wexford, where hundreds of artists gather annually to paint and talk art – can’t wait!! Will add a link if I can figure out how to do so. Happy birthday me!


Carmel Avenue Pouie

"Carmel Avenue Pouie" 36" x 40", oil on canvas

“Carmel Avenue Pouie”
36″ x 40″, oil on canvas

Just reworked this painting – hadn’t looked at it for months, and when I did there were some glaring areas in need of attention. It’s better now, although this is a tree that demands spontaneity, and with the working and reworking that’s an element that’s missing…. The pouies will bloom again though, and I will respond with paint, and hopefully by then I will be a better painter; quicker, defter, more confident and more able to channel through the joy of these beautiful flowering trees.