Ballyhack boats #2

Oil on canvas, 24" x 18"

Oil on canvas, 24″ x 18″

Having so enjoyed painting the first piece, and the day being still young, as 4 in the afternoon leaves you with another 6 hours of daylight in Ireland in the summer, there was plenty of time to do another painting. So around the little Ballyhack harbor I walked and saw many boats that’d make fine paintings, but either the spot was taken up by another painter, or the pull of these two was strong as back I went to them, looking at them from another angle. They do make a nice couple…

Had such fun painting away… being outside for prolonged periods and recording what’s in front of you, or at least doing an impression of it, is such a natural way to be. If I were a sailor or a builder I suppose equal amounts of time would be spent outdoors, but this is my choice, and then there’s the lovely memory to show for it.

On the way home, through the beautiful countryside of County Wexford, listening to contemporary trad on my favorite radio station LyricFM, after a satisfying day of painting heaven on earth, giving thanks… : )


One thought on “Ballyhack boats #2

  1. Beautiful!


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