Somewhere over the Rainbow

In My Parents' Garden #1

In My Parents’ Garden #1

Plein Air oils have been my focus all summer, but yesterday the sun was shining and my mother’s garden was so very colorful, resplendent with blossoms, so doing quicker lighter  watercolor work was more responsive to the essence of this sun-filtered garden. Sitting at the garden table and once again enjoying one of my favorite flowers, the agapanthus, was how the afternoon passed…

…and that was after the most wonderful morning hike up to Bray Head and beyond with my daughter and mother; three generations passing through copses of old fairy trees and ancient oaks with wild mushrooms at their roots, to a steep shale pathway leading to Bray Head, the hill after which Bray was named, and a place that has a view that goes on forever. Along a meandering cliff path surrounded by heathers and gorse we went, the Wicklow hills in all their purple and gold patchwork splendor to the west, and the view across the sea and all the way to Wales to the east. Way below, over the indigo sea, a shimmering rainbow arched, its echo misty and magical, and a single yacht, tiny in the distance, sailed towards it. The land that is Somewhere over the Rainbow exists, right here in Bray!

In My Parents' Garden #2

In My Parents’ Garden #2


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