Bray is the Best!

Rain on the Promenade

Rain on the Promenade

Not a commonly held opinion, as it has a reputation for being uncouth and working class, but what is wrong with that? Better than being pretentious, I tell my daughters, who see many of the people walking on the Promenade as poorly-dressed and overweight, and wonder why I love Bray so much. Rather than seeing the people as unsophisticated, I see them as regular people with families and friends, walking out in sunshine or showers, taking in the majesty and beauty of the sea, drawn to the immense power of it in a very natural human way. Above the skies are huge, and beyond the view stretches past the coastal peninsulas towards infinity.

The above sketch was done where people gather, outside a row of chippers and ice-cream vendors, and on this particular day the skies were grey and looming. As I was finishing up, raindrops fell on the paper to add an authentic atmosphere to the piece! I liked how the colors of the beach balls and signage were doing their best to dispel the gloom….


2 thoughts on “Bray is the Best!

  1. Great piece, love the sketch, I too love people, I find them fascinating!!


  2. You have brought up a very good details , thankyou for the post. addfakgeabad


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