Bray, part 2

The Esplanade Hotel

The Esplanade Hotel

Beginning in the late 1700’s, the seaside resort of Bray became THE destination for Dubliners escaping city-life; after WW2 the English came to escape rationing, and business boomed with the railway bringing people to the town of Turkish baths and the ever-lovely sea. The Promenade is lined with hotels of really lovely Georgian architecture, and the above is one of them. The top-destination status didn’t last, however, when air travel became accessible, and by my adolescence it was as depressed a town as any other in Ireland…

As a teenager the place seemed limited,  but once I had flown far from the place I began to see what a treasure it truly is, and every year I return my appreciation grows. Perfectly located between Dublin and the countryside, there’s no end of things to do, and magnificent walks high above the Prom from Bray Head along the coastal cliffs are a must-do….


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