Fuchsia Finale

"Fuchsia #4"

“Fuchsia #4

Hmmm…this one veering towards abstraction, mainly because I was not liking areas and then washing them out with water, and then liking those ghostly marks and working with them. Again, the piece itself is not well executed, but it gives me ideas for a larger piece in either oil or watercolor. It’s really worthwhile sketching things out first and allowing the process to lead the way.

That was the last day in the garden, and we had hot sun.My daughters on their way to their studies, and it’s time for us all to get back to work. I fly home at the crack of dawn…


Summer 2014: Plein Air Sketches in Oil


Wexford Plein Air Festival took place in July, beginning on my birthday and running through for over a week. Every day we (150 artists!) met at various places around the county and painted, either in large gatherings, small groups or solo, all determined by the subject matter. Had an absolute blast, learnt so much, made friends with fellow artists, discovered parts of my own country never before visited, and became a plein air enthusiast. A week very well spent.

Now that I’m packing up to go home to Jamaica most of the pieces have to be left behind, so I just photographed them and am putting them onto my blog so I have a record of them. The it’s up to the attic with them! And each one was a learning and introduction into such a lovely way to paint; outdoors, in all weathers, exploring a land, and working with what’s there.


"Road to Graignemanagh"

“Road to Graignemanagh”

"Monks' Lintel, Graignemanagh"

“Monks’ Lintel, Graignemanagh”

"Huntington Castle Greenhouse Agapanthus"

“Huntington Castle Greenhouse Agapanthus”

"Courtown with Valerie Craig"

“Courtown with Valerie Craig”

"Enniscorthy: Grandad's Hometown"

“Enniscorthy: Grandad’s Hometown”

"Grainemanagh Barge"

“Grainemanagh Barge”

Fuchsia #3

Fuchsia #3

Fuchsia #3

The sun came out around 3 this afternoon, and as the day had been full ’til then, I was happy to get out into the garden to paint. A quiet garden full of flowers in the sun and the time to paint has to be Heaven on earth. It’s a meditation, a way of being fully in the present.

All summer most of the painting I’ve done have not been satisfactory as paintings in themselves, as end products, but they have been invaluable in that they have given birth to ideas. Ideas for larger, more thought-through paintings. I haven’t had the physical space or the time and materials to develop these ideas – yet. But by the end of the week I return to Jamaica and my studio, and will have with me so many sketches to develop, and a few shows to prepare for so plenty to do!

Hopefully good work will emerge. And perhaps in the developments of these ideas, the meditation will deepen. With this painting, I thought very much of my grandmother, being in her garden, painting her flowers, being the daughter of her daughter, and having my daughters here, also in this space. I know she is pleased, and pleased too that we are leading happy lives. Although she is not here, not in this physical world, I sense there is just a thin membrane between us, if only we knew how to cross it. With this painting the fuchsias’ stamen became a veil, a dainty moveable tasseled tissue that allows me to travel a little further towards her. This idea of otherworlds and layers, of being still and traveling within is an idea to explore. Of rich red hearty life and delicate pale sensitivity juxtaposed.