Summer 2014: Plein Air Sketches in Oil


Wexford Plein Air Festival took place in July, beginning on my birthday and running through for over a week. Every day we (150 artists!) met at various places around the county and painted, either in large gatherings, small groups or solo, all determined by the subject matter. Had an absolute blast, learnt so much, made friends with fellow artists, discovered parts of my own country never before visited, and became a plein air enthusiast. A week very well spent.

Now that I’m packing up to go home to Jamaica most of the pieces have to be left behind, so I just photographed them and am putting them onto my blog so I have a record of them. The it’s up to the attic with them! And each one was a learning and introduction into such a lovely way to paint; outdoors, in all weathers, exploring a land, and working with what’s there.


"Road to Graignemanagh"

“Road to Graignemanagh”

"Monks' Lintel, Graignemanagh"

“Monks’ Lintel, Graignemanagh”

"Huntington Castle Greenhouse Agapanthus"

“Huntington Castle Greenhouse Agapanthus”

"Courtown with Valerie Craig"

“Courtown with Valerie Craig”

"Enniscorthy: Grandad's Hometown"

“Enniscorthy: Grandad’s Hometown”

"Grainemanagh Barge"

“Grainemanagh Barge”


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