“The Dance”


“The Dance” Oil on canvas, 41″ x 37″

This piece is meditation on this journey of life. It’s therefore also about death. The word ‘death’ is collaged onto his chin, and it’s a reminder that death can happen at any time. Rather than something to be scared of, to shy from in fear and avoid, by accepting the reality of death we can embrace life as supremely precious and valuable.

I read something this morning that expresses a perspective so well: “Most humans believe that you come into these bodies and you live for a little while and you get it right or you don’t and then you leave, when really what is happening is you are eternal. You never really leave.”

When we are in a awareness of the transience of life, and accept that passing through death is just a passing, and nothing to be afraid of, we are in a state of grace. We can shed fear. Staying in that ‘posture’, that  connection, our trusting angelic self is expressed, and then Life’s journey can be a synchronistic dynamic dance of interaction, of joyful movement, of self-awareness.



This piece was begun a few years ago, and worked on again a fortnight ago, and perhaps it still will evolve a little more. Sometimes, often in fact, an oil takes years before I know how it’s to complete. Revisiting in this way brought me back internally to the place and time when I first started working on it. I was dancing at the time, with choreographer Tony Wilson, a very joyful learning experience! The model for this piece was one of his professional dancers, hence the piece is called “The Dance”.


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