Agapanthus abundance

watercolor, 18" x 24'

watercolor, 18″ x 24′

Up close and personal or given space, either way the agapanthus are breathtakingly beautiful. Their color, their dramatic shape, their abundance, their marking of seasons in a country that’s always warm and sunny endears them to me. When they bloom I know it’s Spring, and the time of my daughter’s birthday, and I know we now have the Agapanthus Season upon us as they last a good while, when there are enough of them.

I used to live in a garden in cool and misty Mandeville, their favorite climate, with enough beds of these lilies to satisfy anyone. However, they were root bound and not thriving as they’d been planted decades previously, so I dug them all up, turned the soil and fed the beds with high-stinking chicken manure, and replanted half of them, digging new beds for the other half. It was a big garden, all lawn and agapanthus by the time we’d done, and the next time they bloomed they grew to be twice the height and their globe- shaped blossoms were huge! Fabulous.

I also separated the one or two rare white agapanthus, and gave them their own bed. These happy flowers multiplied quickly, and soon there were a hundred or more, all white, all precious, all delicately gorgeous, a throng of shimmering petals reaching high to the light, inviting butterflies and little black insects, and the admiration of many. Can’t help but put a smile on your face…


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