Reworked this piece. I placed the word ‘Music’ over where the word ‘Death’ had been. The meaning behind the piece has shifted somewhat, and for the better. This piece is about Spirit, or Soul, the part of us that makes us so unique, that has us search for meaning and fulfillment in our lives, that loves and grows, that longs for the way of wholeness and wants peace, the Higher Self I guess. So many names for it, but ultimately a sense of being a spiritual being having a human experience. It’s this part of us that will transition to another state and place, death being that doorway, if that’s what you believe, which is why I had placed the word on this person’s chin. If this is not what you believe, then its the part of us that responds to beautiful music. I listen to a lot of great music. For this piece I listened to Rachmaninov’s cello Sonata, 3rd movement when painting the background, which represents the hearing of beautiful music…


oil on canvas, 32″ x 41″



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