Bowing her head in Majesty

Sunflower #4, Oil on canvas, 12" x 24"

Sunflower #4, Oil on canvas, 12″ x 24″

She stands by my front door and claims this home as one of joy, uncompromising splendor, creativity, gracious strength, majesty. Being true. Ash Wednesday is a day of great personal significance to me, and what better way to mark it than painting a most majestic sunflower? This painting marks where I’ve reached on my own life’s journey, a radiant signpost. Out of the ashes the phoenix rises!



Sunflower #3, Oil on canvas, 12" x 24"

Sunflower #3, Oil on canvas, 12″ x 24″

There’s been a mad wind blowing these last few days. A northerner people say. My one and only sunflower has been blown this way and that, surprisingly strong on her elegant tall stalk. She is well over 7′ high, and I’ve watched the growth from seedling up. Now that she is in full bloom I’ve been painting her from morning to afternoon, and have one or two pieces that have worked, but what a challenge! The wind had all her petals being constantly tousled, and her leaves would never be still. So I’ve done my best, and like this one, the angle being not the usual radiant flowerhead one is understandably drawn too, and how I first approached this subject. Love the curling spiky green thingies….

Jade Vine

"jade Vine", oil on canvas, 4' x 3'

“jade Vine”, oil on canvas, 4.5′ x 3′

So very happy to have gotten the chance to revisit this painting from last year! It hangs on the entrance wall of a beautiful villa in Round Hill, in natural light, with an amazing panoramic view of garden leading to the sea, lots of sky and light and dappling sunshine: absolutely perfect for this large painting! So good to see it again, and to take a photo of it, which I hadn’t done in it’s finished state. And the best thing of all was that the very lovely lady who now has it in her home spoke to me of how it went straight to her heart, and thereby gave me the invaluable lesson to paint only from my heart. Feeling really excited to enter the studio this morning!

Bougainvillea Diptych

Bougainvillea Diptych, 8' x 4', Oil on canvas

Bougainvillea Diptych, 8′ x 4′, Oil on canvas

This piece has found a happy home, with lots of space and sunshine. It took me many months to paint. The surface marks I’m actually very happy with, though they can only be properly seen and enjoyed by being close to the canvas; this photograph cannot do the abstract quality of the paint work justice. Painting big allows for more gesture, and there are layers of gesture in this one….