“Raheen Park Sunflowers”

Oil on canvas, 16

Oil on canvas, 16″ x 20″

My first plein air painting this summer, and what a lovely experience it was! Clean breezy air, a quiet street, a magnificent view, and this little patch of salvaged wasteland on the top of the cliff hill that a local man cultivates into a patch of garden that everyone who passes can enjoy. Love that spirit of sharing. And as I painted a young art teacher stopped and we had a great chat about art and painting and loving life in Bray!

So good to be here. People are happy, walking and jogging and cycling, chatting away with each other or walking their dogs or with their children. This is how I grew up, with a sense of safety and the allowance to just be without fear or suspicion. This very street was where we played as kids, delighted for the suburban experience of having a whole row of potential playmates when we visited family friends. Great to be home!




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