Back to the Wicklow hills, the place of my youth.

Just in from a 15 minute up the road, where we painted all morning in this lovely spot.


12″ x 16″, Oil on canvas, Wicklow hills #2

The plan to go out West was postponed, weather sounding treacherous, but here on the East coast we had bright sunny spells, so parked ourselves off a nearby country road and set up. Our mobile studio makes it so easy, and when I got cold having painted two canvases, I sat in the front seat to warm up and fell asleep, while Mum kept at the watercolor until she did something lovely.


It’s great to be working small, having recently done a series of large canvases, which often take weeks to complete. These two will dry and maybe get a few more strokes or glazes, but not much….I love the immediacy and spontaneity of plein air work, and don’t want to detract from that with fussy overworking, so I resolve not to….


2 thoughts on “Back to the Wicklow hills, the place of my youth.

  1. Hello Fiona. I recognise the purple hills, passed them today on the way for a walk. Good to hear your home, have been following your wonderful painting during the year. Fsinnott.


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