“Footbridge to The Commons”

SAM_0522Sunday morning and a slow start, with nowhere in particular to go, but it’s not often I’m in the west of Ireland, and I wanted to be outdoors in all the beauty for the whole day, so off I went, back to The Commons. Once again I stopped to open the 5-bar gate leading into this special spot and was struck by how lovely the brook that runs beside the track is… I looked at it for quite some time, but left it and continued to The Commons, not wanting to block the narrow way with the mobile studio, i.e. the car and easel. Being Sunday I indulged myself with a non-working yoga session surrounded by gentle green mounds with distant sheep grazing, and rocky eddies not far away where curlews cried. I stretched out quietly and slowly. But the brook beckoned and I knew I HAD to paint that spot. Back I went to the brook.

It happened to be an afternoon of a very important sporting championship, that of Galway playing Kilkenny in the Hurling Finals, so I reckoned no farmer would be needing to pass this way for a few hours, so I took the risk and parked, blocking the wee boreen fully, and set up the easel and got to work. Sure enough, ’twas quiet and not a soul came by….


One thought on ““Footbridge to The Commons”

  1. Can smell the country air through your paintings, peaceful and regenerative…aah thank for sharing them


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