Morning Walk


Oil on canvas, 58″ x 42″

There’s a quiet gentle hill a few minutes from my home, and in the mornings when I get up in time I walk up and down for half an hour or so, starting the day with fresh morning air. Now that it’s officially winter it’s been a little cooler than usual, and it’s felt heavenly.

I started this painting months ago but only recently managed to finish it. The thunbergia vine is not quite so abundant on my walk, but I remember a teaching spot I used years ago, a concrete table under a trellis of these lovely flowers, so I wanted to show them in their beauty, and not be hampered by the reality of the roadside that inspired this piece. Despite the exaggeration, the outskirts of Kingston city that lie at the foothills of the Blue Mountains often do have a real feel of ‘country’…


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