Pepper Shrimp #2


Oil on canvas, 14″ x 20″


I love these little critters, love their shapes and colors, and would like to do a larger canvas covered in them. The question is how to make their beauty evident as there’s an element of the creepy about them, all those antennae and scratchy pointed feet and claws. Plus they have eyes, and cute little heads. It’s all about the exoskeleton –  there’s no escaping that. It’s their attraction, but it also suggests the alien; sci-fi writers must get their inspiration from the insect world.

I like working with this palette, all these reds and blues, like painting the ackee but with more drama. I’m reading Ashley Judd’s memoir, All that is Bitter and Sweet, and it’s so good I went online to TedX last night and listened to her presentation about her humanitarian and advocacy work, and cried and cried. People are so cruel, the world is so heartless for so many millions, and yet there is also so much nobility amongst us. Somehow these pepper shrimp connect into that, with their sublime beauty, their delicacy  and their intriguing shapes, and yet their armored bodies embody threat, and the struggle to survive, and if they were bigger they would scare us…


One thought on “Pepper Shrimp #2

  1. This is lovely Fiona. I love the color!
    I went to the Center for Human and Civil Rights this past Saturday. The injustices that are happening all around the world each and everyday is astounding.
    You once inspired me in class and now from afar. I will be starting to share as well… soon. Thank you for the inspiration! Sharon


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