An Abundance


EDIT: Made changes to this one – wasn’t happy with the bright expanse of yellows and greens and felt it needed someplace for the eye to rest, a break from the sunshine, a contrast to allow the light to be significant. The third distant flower, added towards the end of the painting’s emergence, was too obviously placed, too defined and too green, so I moved it, neutralized and cooled the background light, and softened it’s edges. Much happier with it now. I hope the home it’s going to will also be happy with it, and see it as restful – I know it’s also dynamic, hence all the more reason for an area of rest…go well and emit peace my dear painting : )



Oil on canvas, 36″ x 40″


Having my morning coffee in front of a resplendent dozen of these gorgeous pink pendulums, all glinting in the early light, hanging from their stems and creating arches with their weight. There are so many of them, and each one grows to over 3′ long, with up to 20 slender bracts that look like the smooth silk stocking-clad thighs of a bank of burlesque dancers, all stretching out their extended legs, pointing a tiny ballet slipper into the light…


So many shapes and tones and curves and planes, and illuminated membranes and shaded spears, and then the stalks and leaves, and the gradual recession of the grove has my work cut out, and I know I’ll never do them justice, but their beauty and magnificence keeps me paying homage…20160612_071415