Zika-free zone (immune anyway…)


oil on canvas, 40″ x 54″

Summer coming to an end, and so many almost-finished paintings around the house that don’t need a huge amount to pull together, and I was about to cap the summer of painting with the finishing touches, but then zika struck… Not too bad really, not after chick-v and dengue, but it still took a full 10 days to begin functioning again.

This one also went through quite a few changes, but I am seeing that a flow is beginning, now that I’ve spent so many months steadily painting, and the next pieces are not having to change direction so many times. There is hope.




Under the Petrea Tree, beside the Pool


oil on canvas, 20″ x 28″

It’s been such a perfect summer, with plenty of rain and breeze, and anytime it has become unbearably hot it hasn’t lasted long, with more rain blowing in and cooling down the place, seeping into the garden and allowing the plants to thrive. No burning hills, no year-long drought and furnace skies blasting the island and killing life, which is what we had last summer and what I was dreading. Rather it’s been cool mornings, beautiful blossoming trees and greenery wherever you go, and here in my garden things have never been better. And then the delight of sharing it with my dear daughter, who having to recover from a tonsillectomy had to lie around languidly, creating gorgeous cameos wherever she went, so as she lay and relaxed I ran for my oil paints ( and table and solvents and easel and brushes) and tried to do her and the dappling light justice….


sketch #1


sketch #2

Lovely though it has been, this painting business is not easy. With every stage some spontaneous gestural marks that I really like have emerged, and trying to keep them and still be true to the pose and the light has been a problem, and time after time I fail. Motivation to keep at it alright, but it’s too bad that I lose so much as I progress. I rarely am satisfied with the finished piece as I grieve the loss of all those strokes that lie beneath…

AmberDia Reading


oil on canvas, 24″ x 32″

My daughter AmberDia and I had a wonderful month together this summer, both of us spending as much time as we could drawing and painting at home. We modeled for each other, discussed approaches and finishes, and altogether delighted in the shared passion of painting. A mother-and-daughter bond is a very special thing, and to be cherished : )

Trying to finish up a few of them now…

Summer in the Garden



‘A Childhood by the Water’, Oil on canvas, 43” x 58″

This painting was begun a year ago, and has undergone many different directions, finally resulting in this. It was my neighbours swimming in the pool that revealed how it should be finished, and so here it is.

It’s fairly thick with paint, but I hear Peter Doig’s work is also multi-layered, so I’m not too worried, as I admire his work greatly. I haven’t yet seen it in person, or should I say canvas, but I look forward to that treat…