Zika-free zone (immune anyway…)


oil on canvas, 40″ x 54″

Summer coming to an end, and so many almost-finished paintings around the house that don’t need a huge amount to pull together, and I was about to cap the summer of painting with the finishing touches, but then zika struck… Not too bad really, not after chick-v and dengue, but it still took a full 10 days to begin functioning again.

This one also went through quite a few changes, but I am seeing that a flow is beginning, now that I’ve spent so many months steadily painting, and the next pieces are not having to change direction so many times. There is hope.




2 thoughts on “Zika-free zone (immune anyway…)

  1. Joanne Shorthouse

    Hi Fiona, love your latest work, very refreshing viewing in the cruel heat of summer you are experiencing in the Caribbean. I hope you are well and those mossies are leaving you alone! I am in the middle of treatment to remove my sun spots! Not pretty and very painful. Having two first stage removed so happy we got them early. So glad I did the treatment in Australia in winter…. summer would have been unbearable my face, shoulders, chest and arms are bright red and fell badly burned. Glad I finally did it though. Timing was always difficult. Missing art classes very much and hope to return early October, pending doctors clearance. Fingers crossed. Please give my love to every one, missing you all. Regards Joanne Sent from Windows Mail

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    • Hi Jo – thanks, and sorry to hear of all that – I know how it is and it’s not pretty, and uncomfortable too, but you have to do it! so well done for biting the bullet. I’m in Ireland, just arrived a day ago, and will be here for a month, returning to resume classes second/third week of October. Look forward to seeing you then! May you recover speedily. xx


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