Home is where the heart is…


watercolour, 10″ x 14″

Space, fresh clean air, bird song and bees thrumming, soft purple beds of heather and splashes of yellow gorse buds, huge washed sky overhead and a bright sun, acres of uncultivated land stretching panoramically wherever you look, and not a soul in sight but us… what’s not to love? How would you want to be anywhere else but here? Home again and as happy as a lark to be here : )


My mother painting near Calary, Co. Wicklow

Sitting up here for hours on end and painting, or just listening to the bees and drinking in the beauty, I remembered how as kids being raised not far from here, a family walk on the weekend was pretty much what we did. As if coming out to walk in Nature with no shops or distractions was a highlight of Being. We didn’t question it, or at least not until we were way into teenage years…. I wonder how the kids of today would respond to no WiFi or ubiquitous commercialism…. I’m so glad it was how I was ‘branded’ as now it’s so very satisfying to be in the great silence of it all…


The car as portable art studio


2 thoughts on “Home is where the heart is…

  1. Loved you post, seeing a photo of your mother painting was a treat. I agree, kids nowadays…..and adults, what would they do without wifi? I am so glad that I can do without and spent most of my life without it. Lovely painting by the way, I got the sense of the day while looking at it.

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  2. Thanks for your feedback Margaret! I’ve been out painting every day – make hay as the sun shines as they say. Today it was colder, but still beautiful – the colors are changing rapidly now that it’s autumn. I will soon post more – I’m so lucky to share this passion with my mother!


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