The meandering pathways of Mount Usher


watercolor, 14″ x 20″

There are so many gardens to visit in County Wicklow. Each and every one of them is a charming response to the natural beauty of the county known as the Garden of Ireland; gardens within a garden-on-a-grand scale, so to speak. Mount Usher is a small one, an acre or two along the banks of the River Varty, but every foot of it is host to something, all adding up to a vast array of carefully planted trees, shrubs and flowers through which narrow pathways lead. You take your time along these pathways as there is just so much to see and enjoy, and the flowing river is always nearby, with reflections and floating petals creating a surface that would have Monet rooted firmly on its banks, complete with easel and a stack of canvases to capture the changing light.

My mother and I sat in a patch of bluebell-strewn grass, attracted to the carpet of flowers with light streaming through the fern tree that sheltered them. Lovely though it was, little did I know what a challenge I was taking on with that glorious fern, never having attempted one before…I particularly enjoyed the irony that I’d come all the way from Jamaica, an island with more endemic ferns that anywhere else on Earth, and set up to paint an Irish garden where Springtime  flowers were running riot, yet ended up painting a fern for the first time… But it whetted my appetite for more as in the end I realized that there’s a lot to be explored with its gentle frondy habit…




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