Giving Thanks


I haven’t posted any art, or indeed made any, for a long time. Today was the first day I felt like doing anything, and as I’ve been very drawn to the colour yellow in recent months, I set up in front of a pot of yellow allamanda flowers. It took me a while to get that far, as everything has been put away for over a year, but I found my box of watercolours, and an easel, some nice paper, a board, and some brushes – I couldn’t find my watercolour brushes, but I made do with what I had -and was happy to be in the sun and amongst the plants in my garden. Once I tried to begin, I realized that many of my paints had dried up, so the first strokes were not in the right yellow, and then a few drops of rain came out of nowhere; within minutes it was raining heavily and I had to run for cover…


Indoors with everything I went, and set up again, this time with a light, but then the phone started to ring, and there were other interruptions, and once again little progress was made…When the rain eased off outside I went once more, but by now the light was totally different, as were the plant’s shapes, weighed down by raindrops and the flowers having had a battering, and so I did a few more quick marks and called it a day.

I had something to do on the road in the afternoon, and stopped at a pharmacy where the very friendly pharmacist and I got into a conversation, triggered by her wearing the pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness month. She told me about her friend who died 4 years ago of breast cancer; she had been misdiagnosed, and by the time she was properly diagnosed it was too late and she died, leaving two teenage daughters behind. It’s so tragic. I can imagine the anguish and torment the whole family went through, and now those girls don’t have a mother, and their father has lost his wife.

It could have been me, could have been my children. Having just been through breast cancer myself, and been cured, I give thanks for every day, and am so grateful for every moment, and if I’m not being grateful I quickly do a reality-check and pull it together, because I am BLESSED to be alive. And healthy.

I think that is why I’m loving yellow so much; it seems to signify new life, and I feel everything about my life has been rejuvenated. It’s for that reason I’m writing this post and sharing this first sketch, messy though it is, to celebrate surviving and living life, rain, dried-up paints, missing brushes, interruptions and all.