the artist

I am an Irish artist living in Jamaica. I came for a year almost 25 years ago and am still here… starting each day with fresh papaya and Blue Mountain coffee had something to do with becoming rooted here. Also having children and raising them. Life happens.

So now the kids have flown the nest and I find myself with time. Strange new phenomenon; living in this day and age allows us a second life. In not so distant days we women wouldn’t have had the opportunity to reinvent ourselves after kids as we’d either be still having them until menopause and worn so thin from it that we’d collapse exhausted , or dead from disease or drought or natural disaster. Not being morbid, it’s just the way of it.  Still is in many places.

But some of us are fortunate enough to have been born in this particular era and in relatively wealthy countries, and have been afforded a worldview that is new and expansive. We can relish freedom, we can prolong youth and live healthy lives, and we can fill our time with pursuits and passions of our own, connecting with others who have similar interests all over the world. Its really a new paradigm and one to celebrate! All this AND appreciating, in my case from a distance, that our kids are on their paths of self-discovery too.

I choose to paint. Have begun to. Have begun doing what I began to dabble with in art college before coming to Jamaica. I tried to keep my hand in over the years, but mostly didn’t. Being a mother is busy, demanding and fulfilling. I homeschooled my daughters for a few years, taught art to many kids, and led a full life. So now its time to start afresh and learn with Beginner’s Mind ( love my yoga too!)

I still teach art, mostly to adults now, and love the journey I’m on with these students who have all become friends. But what’s new is that I’m painting, and glad to be. Hence the blog. I want to document it, to share with friends, to keep track of my own journey with it, and to become part of a wider community of people who love painting. And who struggle with how to allow that magic to happen, and who delight when it effortlessly appears.

So this is my offering – I look forward to sharing yours.


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