Passion Flower 48" x 48"

Passion Flower 48″ x 48″

Acrylic on board, 4′ x 4′

This one was big enough to really get into physically.

Springtime 2011, and I was down with my second bout of dengue fever. We were having an outbreak, and as my home has all its windows permanently open to allow the cooling breeze to enter, the mosquitoes enter too. All it take is one of those blood-sucking little f***ers to bite and you’re down for a fortnight….

So I was over the painful part and had to spend the final few days lying around – dengue is so debilitating that even making it up the stairs is a major feat. Finally I couldn’t take the listlessness any more and I went down to the studio, at that time a shed in the garden, pulled out a 4 foot square board, and got to work. It was basically painted in a day, ‘though I spent a second one twiddling and tweaking.  All that pent up energy had to be put somewhere, and it went into a massive Passion Flower. So the guilty mosquito – why oh why oh God did you create them? – served a purpose. Sure won’t he be glad to hear that? Lessen his existential angst….

Now a lovely friend living in the heart of Jamaica in the hills of Manchester has it, sold last year through the Mandeville Art Fair, hosted every year to raise funds for the excellent work the Catholic Church does in the area. Hmm… beginning to see God’s mosquito plan in this….


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