Daffodils Galore


watercolor, 14′ x 20′

My dear mother took it upon herself to find more daffodils for me to paint, and came home with little pale ones, a few dozen no less, and put them in vases around the house. I just love Spring! Sunshine and new life all around – it gladdens the heart.


watercolor, 14″ x 20″


Daffodil Delight


watercolor, 14″ x 12″

My first sketch of the daffodils, the only three daffs of this particular blossom growing in my mother’s garden. Yesterday I walked down to the centre of our little town to see if the florist had any daffodils with different colours and shapes, but alas, he said they’re almost over, and are unavailable to buy, and they’re only to be found in peoples’ gardens…. So today I will go out and peer over garden walls and see what can be found.