Daffodils Galore


watercolor, 14′ x 20′

My dear mother took it upon herself to find more daffodils for me to paint, and came home with little pale ones, a few dozen no less, and put them in vases around the house. I just love Spring! Sunshine and new life all around – it gladdens the heart.


watercolor, 14″ x 20″



What a way to spend a long weekend – hardly leaving the house, painting from early morning experimenting with watercolors, and although I am not a good watercolor painter, doing these sketches has inspired many ideas for further work, both in watercolor and in oil.

Easter sketch #9

I am not sure of the name of this blossom, but it grows on a tree at this time of year and is a beautiful purple color. I call it the June Blossom Tree. I saw a branch blossoming and overhanging a wall on Saturday on my way to the supermarket, so picked one and carried it home. I obsessed over it for three days, paintings maybe a dozen sketches. Haven’t cracked it yet….

Easter sketch # 10Watercolor must be the most difficult of paints to use, but its so soft and gentle, so translucent, so spontaneous and effortless when done properly that its worth persisting with and trying to become proficient.

Easter sketch # 4Not being there yet, I experimented with inks on this one, as I haven’t managed to add enough contrast with just the pure paint and brushwork yet.

Easter sketch #4Looking at them now I can see much room for development and of course improvement. What a lovely way to spend the weekend, and to end it perfectly, it rained a lovely soaking rain this afternoon. After the heat and drying wind we’ve been having, it was a true blessing for my garden.