Heather and Gorse beds


watercolor, 10″ x 14″

Sitting in a grassy patch surrounded by heather and gorse, with a babbling brook below, and cows and ponies free in the moors behind, the sounds that fill the air are so soothing; water over stones, horses whinnying, cows lowing, not to mention the birdsong, and then of course the bees busy in the heather bells I paint…


The Heather Bank

We left the house early this morning, the sun bright and a fresh breeze blowing, knowing that showers could fall at any time and finish us, as they did yesterday. I brought yesterday’s canvas with me, as I’d really only sketched it out before it was covered in raindrops and we had to run for cover. The skies had opened and it was cold and damp and really wet for the rest of the day‚ĶSo today we were extra appreciative for the lovely day that it was, and I finished my piece in sunshine.

“The Heather Bank”, Oil on canvas, 14″ x 20″